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Skylights can provide ventilation as well as light. Ventilating a building with an operable skylight releases the hot air that naturally accumulates near the ceiling. Ventilating skylights usually open outward at the bottom, and some units vent through a small, hinged panel.

With skylights, rooms remain bright throughout the day without having to worry about any added cots to your energy bills. Skylights don’t depend on the position of the sun – Unlike windows that are heavily reliant on the position of the sun, skylights will bring light into your rooms regardless of the sun’s position.

  • Allow an abundance of natural light to enter a room, creating a bright and uplifting atmosphere
  • Provide a unique opportunity to incorporate panoramic views of the sky, surrounding landscape, or architectural features
  • Unlike windows at eye level, skylights offer natural light without compromising privacy.
  • Great option for spaces where traditional windows might not be practical or feasible.
  • When strategically placed, skylights can provide passive solar heating during colder months, reducing the reliance on heating systems