Integrated Blinds

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Integrated Blinds Windows in India.

Integral blinds are fitted between the panes of glass that make up a double or triple glazed unit. Despite being in between the panes of glass, the blinds can open or close manually or by an electronic operation. They are made to measure and can be fitted into bifold doors, windows and conservatories.

With a gap between two or three glass panes, integral blinds are sealed within those panes, and they can be opened or closed manually by an electronic operator on the frame.

  • The blinds are neatly integrated into the window, creating a clean and seamless appearance.
  • The double-glazed construction of the glass unit helps to reduce heat transfer, improving energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.
  • Integrated blinds allow for precise control over the amount of light and privacy desired.
  • This design eliminates the clutter and bulkiness associated with traditional blinds, giving a more streamlined and contemporary aesthetic.
  • The blinds are encapsulated between two panes of glass, allowing them to be operated easily using a control mechanism, such as a magnetic slider or a motorized system.
  • Slats remains fresh and damage free for entire life.
  • Maintenance Free