Georgian Bars

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Georgian Bars Windows in India.

Georgian bars, also known as divided lite or grid windows, are decorative bars that are placed on the surface of windows to create the appearance of multiple smaller panes of glass.

They can be horizontal or vertical and are arranged in a grid pattern to create the desired aesthetic. The number and arrangement of the bars can vary, depending on the desired look and the architectural style of the building.

Georgian bars are primarily used for decorative purposes and to evoke a traditional or historic architectural style. They can add character, charm, and a sense of craftsmanship to windows, enhancing the overall appearance of a building.

  • Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal
  • Versatility and Customization
  • Preservation of Historic Charm
  • Visual Interest and Depth
  • Option for Simulated Divided Lite
  • Maintenance Free